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If a player makes 21 (not blackjack) does he always win?

kidgr00ve asked:
if you are dealt 6-7 and you hit an 8 for 21, do you automatically win? or can the dealer still hit to 21 for a PUSH?
let me be more specific because i dont think this person understood.

I am dealt 6-7, and i Hit, i get an 8, so i have 21 now. i STAY. now the dealer shows 10-2 and he hits and gets 9, making 21 as well.

in this situation, do i automatically win when i hit 21? or does the dealer get a chance to PUSH me?

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5 Responses to “21 (not blackjack) does always win”

  1. Coxian Says:

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    The receiver(of cards) would’ve won the round if no one else had yet. As for the dealer, i dont think you can do that, per rules. If you can, thats awesome >:) but no, i dont think that the dealer can hit the receiver again unless he says “hit”, “hit me”, “etc”.

  2. Alan S Says:

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    If you get 21 without getting a blackjack, and the dealer also gets 21 (without a blackjack either), it is a push. So you don’t win automatically, but you are at least guaranteed not to lose.

    Even with a blackjack you would push if the dealer also had a blackjack.

  3. Drifter Says:

    If you’re playing at a casino, chances are you’ll have other people playing at your table too. I’m sure not all of the players will have 21, so the deal will still have to hit. If he gets 21 as well, it’ll be a push.

  4. Ptsie Says:

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    If the dealer also draws to 21 you PUSH. Some casinos do not check their ‘hole’ cards and it is possible to hit to 21 and the dealer showing a face card and has an Ace under it…ouch! Most casinos do check their hole cards when showing both an Ace or Face.

  5. sandynlily Says:

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    A “blackjack” is only a blackjack if it consists of two cards, and those two cards were your *FIRST TWO CARDS* dealt, anything else is just a point total of 21.

    You may achieve a point total of 21 by drawing additional cards from a lower point total, but this is not a blackjack.


    You may split a hand consisting of two aces, or two tens, if you are dealt a ten, or an ace respectfully, it will only be a point total of 21, since the cards were not your first two cards.

    A “blackjack” is superior to a point total of 21, however, in the manor the game is dealt, blackjack will be payed or players bets will lose before they have the chance to confront each other. This happens because the dealer will usually check for blackjack before players draw additional cards, or players will get payed for blackjacks before the dealer draws cards.

    In the event that is not so, a “blackjack” is superior to a point total of 21.

    On exception is in spanish 21, where point totals of 21 are payed as soon as they are dealt.

    In the example you presented, it would be a push, as a point total of 21, pushes a point total of 21, even if you have a blackjack you will only win when the dealer does not also have a blackjack, it is not an automatic win, though most of the time you do. If they do have a blackjack, a blackjack pushes another blackjack.

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