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How to count cards in blackjack (21) with the use of the Hi-Low System

hey guys heres a semi quick vid on how to count cards Heres the basics: 2-6=1 7-9=0 10-A=-1 You always start with 0 and then u add and subtract according to the cards. Once the next hand is dealt you continue with your last count. So if the count was +2 in the first hand its plus 2 to start the second hand. The higher the number of the count in the positive range the better chances you have of winning and the lower count goes to the dealer. 4K(ME) 9K(DEALER) Here are two hands and pretend …

Video posted by: ironman7242

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25 Responses to “Blackjack cards counting”

  1. ironman7242 Says:

    it like this…
    i have 14 and the dealer has 19 well 19 is pretty close to 21 so the dealer can only get 21 if he gets a two but hed have to be pretty damn luck or the count would have to be negative (negative count smaller cards) 14 though is like nuetral count so ud wanna bet for a higher # if u still dont get it msg me back im making another video soon ill put it in the video

  2. ironman7242 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    in all honestly it depends…like if ur playing with one deck with ur friend who sucks well ud wanna bet when ur like plus 1 haha but in the casino again anything plus is in your favor but to be safe id say like + 5-7? and even then bet low, if its like +17 id bed pretty high, dont lose all your money though

  3. BOPE0079 Says:

    wait whats a good time to bet like at + what?

  4. Sakitesurfer Says:

    hey man
    im really interested in gettin in2 countin cards
    i understand all about the rules
    but i dont understnd if you have a hand of 14
    and you have a high count
    how dus dat give yu an advantage as yu hav a 14 and getting a high card will put yu out
    if yu understand me
    thanks 4 thte vid, was really gd

  5. ironman7242 Says:

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    its just to show that a deck is nuetral or it has no value so you have to figure it out

    if you grab a decka cards stack then according to their numbers and suits so four 2’s fours 2’s four 4’s because theirs 4 suits and figure out the count
    thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. pokerman902 Says:

    Website content

    i dnt get that 4 suits off each of those cards gr8 vid tho so can u explain it it gets 20 do you do it every time and what do you do

  7. Keanu210 Says:

    Create a video blog

    ahh damn that hurt LOL

  8. TheGoodMorningShow Says:

    Website content

    wow u are so lucky, im ok at math. but not like doin it n my head. haaha LUKKYY :]]]

  9. ironman7242 Says:

    Create a video blog

    not too long im kinda lucky though because i can do advanced math in my head so simple math is like nothing

  10. ironman7242 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    no no its fine ask away man haha

    you want a positive count because anything positive is in your favor

  11. TheGoodMorningShow Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    how long did it take u to get the hang of counting cards? 🙂

  12. brucelee380 Says:

    Create a video blog

    So you count all cards up then when you know the count what do you do with it? Sorry if I’m sounding a little dumb I’m new at this.

  13. jtk49 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    one of these days im gonna go to vegas and take they’re money.

  14. ironman7242 Says:

    lol thats alright man keep trying…i know this sounds stupid but just like play by urself at home when ur bored im assuming ur in college or higher so just grab some friends and mess around on them theyll never know whats coming and when u can beat them pretty well just kinda inch ur way up, and play a lot of the easy tables ull just kinda get the hang of it as ya go…thank you for ur positive comment btw

  15. snowyywwinters Says:

    Create a video blog

    awesome video, you got remember in a real casino, they play fast to try confuse you. ive never left a casino on the up, but im learning lol

  16. ironman7242 Says:

    blackjack 21

    you guys are idiots if you think counting cards actually works anymore, to a certain point yes lol way to contridict yourself buddy…people like u work for the casino because u think ur hot shit, but its really funny when people like us win a lot of money from the table
    blackjack is also a game of chance and ur just mad that average people came up with a way to beat ur system, and if u work for the casino why do u spend your time searching for videos on how to count cards in blackjack?

  17. ironman7242 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    anything from 0 and up is really want u want
    at 0 the dealer and u have a 50/50 chance
    when the count is positive your chances r higher than the dealers or through the roof…some counts get as high as + 18 and thats really in your favor
    anything thats a negative count or in the low positives is when u should just bet the table minimum and just be safe

  18. ironman7242 Says:

    Winning money is really easy
    the key thing to remember is to just be cool, although its not illegal to count in black assholes like SamzIszHere who commented below dont like it when people learn how to count because the casino loses…to be honest i cant really tell you how to win money because im 16 and never been to a casino but watch the movie 21 and let me know if u have any questions

  19. zXiKuRuMBaXz Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Hi u told us how to count cards but u never actually told us how to win money in the game of blackjack, could sum1 message me saing how to win by counting cards

  20. ztmarcspoof Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    do i want a plus count or a minus count.

  21. SamzIszHere Says:

    Website content

    you guys are idiots if you think counting cards actually works anymore, to a certain point yes, but in the end with stupid players like you guys, the casino still wins.

    thanks i work for the casino, i get the real money, you know what i do?

    my job is to have more of these ignorant videos spread so more of you idiots go out and think you’ll win,

    i sit back while you guys give me my money,

    also ironman7242 is an idiot,
    because at 5:39, lol

    you’re at level 1 buddy, stop this now.

  22. ironman7242 Says:

    anytime man

  23. mindlessturok Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    thanks man

  24. erickenelson Says:

    Website content

    i haven’t played blackjack in a while. When playing your able to see the cards of the people that are playing with you right.

  25. ironman7242 Says:

    Create a video blog

    thats one of those tricky numbers i personally dont hit if im 18 or higher anything that is +1 is in your favor but the closer you are to 0 usually means u have lower cards…im not familiar with the game your talking about so unfortunatly i cant help you there

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