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How to Play Basic Blackjack : Basic Terms for the Game of Blackjack Learn basic blackjack terms for the game of blackjack in thisfree how-to video on the basics of playing blackjack. Expert: Daniel Nell Bio: Daniel has been a professional 21 & craps dealer in San Diego California since 2002, where he dealt for […]

What is the best site for Super Fun 21 and other online blackjack wagering games? I want to play the black cat on the Internet. What web site online casino you think is the best bet for web? Posted by: Jack B This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Could I learn counting cards in Blackjack from the movie 21? Is it effective and will it help me in casinos? Question asked by: Mia This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Blackjack Terms – Part One From “Action” to “Color Up,” we’re going to go over a bunch of Blackjack and casino terms in part one of our Blackjack terms series today. I’ve spent some time coming up with a listing of fun terms I think you’ll want to know. They’re listed in alphabetical order, so […]

How to count cards in blackjack (21) with the use of the Hi-Low System hey guys heres a semi quick vid on how to count cards Heres the basics: 2-6=1 7-9=0 10-A=-1 You always start with 0 and then u add and subtract according to the cards. Once the next hand is dealt you continue […]

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