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The Real Hustle (UK) – Casino Black Jack Scam

Paul and Alex use memory, observational, and mathematical techniques to win at Blackjack. From: BBC – The Real Hustle: Series 3, Episode 7 … real hustle casino black jack scam con cheat steal las vegas alex paul counting technique

Video posted by: ScamOnTv

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25 Responses to “Casino Black Jack Scam”

  1. niallgerry Says:

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    so when should u bet high ,when u have a positive count when card counting?

  2. okano186 Says:

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    They cannot seize ur money, but they can seize your chips, as the chips themselves are owned by the casino.

  3. evanm457 Says:

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    k well the 2 3 4 5 & 6 = +1
    7 8 & 9 = 0
    Aces & 10 (J Q K) = -1
    so basically every card is assigned a value….try going through a deck of cards while also keeping count……so lets say the first few cards looked like this:
    2 5 10 3 9 J 7 A 6 3 = 2 running count……….and thats kinda all the basics……..try to forget about using more than one deck for some time it just gets confusing

  4. lushiousluke69 Says:

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    yer but you loved it really!

  5. lushiousluke69 Says:

    Create a video blog

    teach me! lol, i’ve got a rough idea, so im going to go out and get some blackjack books etc. lol.

  6. evanm457 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    well you see every card that is played on the table is discarded into another pile ready for shuffling… if it looks like one deck of cards is discarded 5 decks are left in the shoe……so then the count you take has to be divided by 5 to give the true count…………im assuming you know how to count cards if not just reply to me an il be happy to let you know……its very easy

  7. dilwich123 Says:

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    i got caught card counting in a illegal game of blackjack…..serfice to say the blokes i was cheating started to knock fuck out of me……i left with 2 chips a saw arse where a gay thug ass fucked me for cheating….

  8. columbo45 Says:

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    “Nevada regulations allow casinos to seize chips if the casino “knows or reasonably should know” that the chips weren’t obtained in the course of gambling by the individual presenting them.”

    Card counting is still gambling.

  9. lushiousluke69 Says:

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    u see how he explains that you should count the higher cards and the lower cards rather than counting the cards individually, well is this only a single deck? dont they use something like 6 decks in blackjack? write back thanks.

  10. aberster Says:

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    Can u guys teach me how to stack the deck thxx

  11. Mixolydian87 Says:

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    shuffle tracking is an advanced technique

  12. aberster Says:

    Can u teach me how to shuffle track thxx like u did on drunken poker

  13. zbdi Says:

    Website content

    im not being funny but i do work at circus casino,Birmingham so i do know what happens there maybe its different elsewhere

  14. dhcgg Says:

    Website content

    they don’t have the right as long as you play legally which card counting is. they only can close the table when you come to play there or ask you to leave and/or ban you from the casino. the only way they can seize your chips is when you cheat such as using a shiner (a small mirror that you hold discretely at an angel that enables you to see the face down card of the dealers hand)

  15. zbdi Says:


    im jus relaying the truth you dont bother reading your own membership terms

  16. aplayaz2000 Says:

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    go back to the casino

  17. zbdi Says:

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    wkdlush 07 they do actually have the right to seize “chips” as they are the property of the casino itself if you actually read the terms and conditions of the game it will state if you are caught cheating or counting you will forfeit your right to the chips being cashed out

  18. wkdlush07 Says:

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    they dont as it not illigal to count cards if tht s what you mean

  19. zbdi Says:

    Website content

    they have the right to seize your chips

  20. columbo45 Says:

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    Sorry, you are to good for us. Please enjoy our other services, but not blackjack.
    If you then try again, you’ll probably get security onto you banning you from the casino.
    They do have the right to ban you, because it is private property. They do not however have the right to take your money.
    If they did beat you, a police report and media coverage would harm the casino a lot more than it would do them good.

  21. columbo45 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    You people believe too much in myths.
    If you win a shitload of money at blackjack, which is actually really hard because it can only be done at the hi stake black jack tables. Which are also extremely heavily monitered.
    If the casino starts to notice a very high winning pattern, a casino staff member will politely approach you and say something like

    Sorry you are too good for us, please enjoy our other services, but not blackjack.

  22. 702decatur Says:

    Create a video blog

    They dont use many of those machines anymore because people just don’t play them..

  23. thisbeita Says:

    casinos generally use shuffle machines and the one’s in aus use 8 decks and half the deck gets reshuffled back into the deck every half a deck…. these wouldnt work….

  24. DieselGreaves Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Eh…OK so The Real Hustle show some old a used card tricks. Don’t you ever think you can just go into a casino and get out with like 10 grand in the pocket. These tricks are known by everyone and they require practice. Besides if you win a lot you’ll get bashed anyways.

  25. phillipnorthfield Says:

    lol not like its his job…. oh wait… ^^

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