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Could I learn counting cards in Blackjack from the movie 21?

Is it effective and will it help me in casinos?

Question asked by: Mia

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7 Responses to “Counting cards in Blackjack”

  1. volcom Says:

    blackjack 21

    Wacthing and doing are two different things. The students in the movie were from MIT and very smart if you are good at math and a whiz with numbers you have a chance. You will also need friends that are smart also. Its not something you can just learn and especially from that movie alone

  2. Andrew M Says:

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    No you would have to watch the movie like 1000 times then be lucky if you knew how to.

  3. unkoolaid Says:

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    that movie gives you just the basic principle of counting cards. Im sure you can read up on it elsewhere but the movie alone wont be enough. Also, you have to get very good if you want to profit at it as well as not get caught. if they see you in a casino struggling to do math in your head as you’re winning big, they’ll kick you out at best…dont get killed…play hold em.

  4. RipJack Says:

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    you could learn it, but there are so many things casinos do to prevent card counting.

  5. Great B Says:

    of course you can.
    is 3 steps to doing it. need the basic maths chart. the ones the mit guys designed. need to do basic card counting first off its called the hi low system
    you get a deck of cards
    now the cards 2 3 4 5 6 is low and get a value of 1
    7 8 9 gets a value of 0
    10 j q k are hi and gets a value of -1
    Now have the deck facing down and flip over a card if it’s a king you say +1 if the next one is a Queen it is another +1 so you say +2 if the next card is a 10 you say +3. Now if you get one of the low cards its -1 so you would be at +2 and if it is another low card you would be at +1
    then the 3rd step is money management.

    Hope this helps

    here is probably exactly what your looking for. Card Counting Secrets – For BlackJack From The Film 21.
    Here is the link to have a look at it.

    Welcome to Card Counting Secrets!� Here you�ll learn the exact same skills used by the MIT students and featured in the film, “21”, to increase your odds in any casino while playing Blackjack. All it takes is a general knowledge of the game, some basic math and the desire to have fun. You�ll learn just how easy it is to count cards and to beat the house at their own game.�
    heres the contents

  6. Vegas Matt Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Are you asking if you could learn to count cards simply by watching the movie? That’s preposterous.

    If you want to learn to count cards, you need buy a book that outlines an effective strategy (not just google search card counting, you need a lot more information than I’ve ever seen on a website to do it effectively), and practice it until you’ve got it down pat.

    After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create a small advantage at real casinos if you can effectively execute the proper strategies without being detected.

    You will NOT win hundreds of thousands of dollars like the people in the movie. They were playing in teams (not as individuals) which is pretty much impossible to get away with now. The movie is also romanticized and exaggerated. Some of the real members will admit that they did not win nearly as much money as some of the books on the subject or the movie seemed to suggest. You can earn a decent amount of money if properly bankrolled and skilled enough, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

  7. Bandit-05 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Learning how to count cards just from watching the movie? No!

    But there are books and websites that will teach you how to do it. You do have to be able to calculate odds and math formula’s very quickly to get it right and do it properly/efficiently.

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