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Questions about Blackjack (21)?

Die V. asked:
Im going to Vegas this weekend and my game of choice is Blackjack. I dont know all the ins and outs of the game, just the basics. I dont get the whole concept about doubling down or splitting. Can someone explain this to me a little better or tell me when is the best time to double down or to split??

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9 Responses to “Questions about Blackjack”

  1. integragsr2die4 Says:

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    I personally do not like to split or double down, and I always have good luck. If you get a good dealer they will usually tell you when you can double down or split. Good Luck!

  2. Echelon Says:

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    Split A’s and 8’s for another hand.
    Double down when you have a 10 or 11, and the dealer is showing a 6 or less.

    Good Luck!

  3. perion761 Says:

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    Doubling down is when you match your bet to get one more card. It is best to do this when you have a ten or eleven and the dealer is showing 7 or less.

    Splitting is when you have two cards that are the same (some casinos will let you split any 10 or face card, some make you have the same face card) and you can put up an equal bet to have the hand “split” and each of the paired cards gets another card and is played as a seperate hand.

    Though it may seem like a good idea, never split 10’s since you are effectivly throwing away a 20 for a possibly worse hand. Aces can be split but usually only can recieve one card.

  4. William H Says:

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    After getting your first two cards that total 10 or 11, you have the option to double down (some casinos allow you to double on and two cards). You match your bet and get one more card, usually face down. The best time to double down is when the dealer has a five or six up. The reason it is good for you is that the dealer needs to hit until they get to 17 or higher. When they hit, they have a greater chance to bust or go over 21 and then you win a double bet.

    After you receive your first two cards, you are allowed to split your pairs (AA, 88, etc.). You need to double your bet. Each card allows you to start two new hands. You can hit each hand until you decide to stop. The best time to split is when you have (AA or 88). Split AA because you have twelve or two, these are not good hands in blackjack. Each time you hit, you have a chance to get the best hand of 21. You should split eights because you have sixteen, which is not a good hand in blackjack and you have a chance to get two better hands.

  5. Anthony M Says:

    Also make sure theres at least 5 players at the table your playing at then you can get an idea of the cards that are out to know whether you should take another card or not.

  6. Trapezoid Says:

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    This is a great page for blackjack strategy in regards to making the most of your money going by the odds.
    Give it a look. If it helps, maybe try to remember some of the chart for best odds and what to do when you get your 2 cards. If you wish, you could print out a copy of it to take with you to the casino. They shouldn’t have a problem with it, some other players may be rude about it and say its slowing down the game. I wouldn’t worry much about the complaints though.

    Good luck regardless of how you choose to go and which strategies you use.

  7. Vegas Matt Says:

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    Do yourself a favor and buy a blackjack strategy card. They sell them all over the place, including in casino gift shops. It will tell you exactly what plays to make with any given hand. You can even set it on the table and look at it while playing. If you do not play proper basic strategy, you are increasing the house edge immensely.

    You are allowed to double on ANY 2 cards. There are situations where you must double on 9, 10, 11, and soft 13-18. You can split any 2 cards of equal value. You can even split tens (although you never should).

    Splitting and doubling down are 2 of the BEST plays to make at a blackjack table. When used at the correct time, you’re putting more money on the table in situations where you have a significantly higher chance of winning than usual. Many people who play blackjack are throwing money away by NOT splitting 9s in the right situations, or not doubling with soft hands.

  8. sundog Says:

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    In blackjack, you can only double down on your first two(2) cards and receive one(1) card only. If you have 10 or 11 and the dealer shows 6 or less, double down. you can also double with 8 or 9 if you feel lucky(hoping for a ten or a face card). also with 11 and dealer has ten or face card, dbl down only when feeling lucky, I did this sometimes. be careful when dealer shows a deuce(2) b/c it’s hard for the dealer to bust or break.

    Split, when you receive a pair of cards and allow to split up to four hands.
    When splitting Aces, you only get one card for each Ace. If an Ace shows up on either ace, the hand stays like that(2 ACES)no more splitting.
    Never split a pair of 4s. you will see that most don’t splits 4s, most players think a pair of 4s is bad luck.
    don’t split 5s, you should double down or hit until you want no more card.
    Don’t split tens(10)=20. a winning hand.
    Don’t split any pair when dealer is showing 7 or higher, split only when dealer has 6 or less.

  9. notskerd Says:

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    I have been dealing Blackjack for many years.

    Personally I play by “the book”. That means I play by the basic rules that most Blackjack books urge you to go by. Casino also have little plastic cards they will sell you in the gift shop. Buy that card !! Even if you feel foolish when you slow the game down to look at the chart on the card… do it.

    I personally will double down on most any 11. If the dealer has been running hot or my DD hands have been cold I won’t .

    A good rule of thumb is to always assume the dealer has a ten count in the hole. So if the dealer has a 6 showing ,and assuming dealer has a 10 underneath they have 16 and most likely will bust. It is VERY important that if you have a total of 13 -16 in your hand that you Do NOT hit. That is the biggest mistake that I notice players making.

    If you have 16 and the dealer is showing a 10 count hit the dang hand don’t be a wuss! So many get chicken and stay on 16 against an obvious 20. To me that is like playing softball will two strikes against ya and when the third strike comes you don’t even try to hit it.
    People have so many great ideas on how they think you should play . Beware of the person that is standing behind you (not even playing anymore cause he lost his chips) that is telling you how you must play your hand. It kills me how someone can give advice when obviously their own Idea of how to play didn’t work for them at all. That’s why i say buy the little plastic card and go strictly by it. Ignore all the backseat drivers that force feed you advice.

    My very favorite hand to double down on is a soft hand. Meaning Ace 2, ace and 3 through6 for sure sometime ace 7, ace 8 if you feel a little greedy and lucky. ONLY double on this soft hand WHEN the dealer shows 3-6. NO other time ( well maybe a 2 if your on a roll and the dealer is cold but that’s a bit risky with dealer showing a 2). Your not betting on the card you draw to make your hand actually because you are betting more that the dealer will bust. This is a kick$$ double down hand!!!!

    Good luck. Hope that you win big! If you lose 3 – 4 hands in a row go to another table. When playing a multi shoe game keep pressing your bet every time you win. When your on a good roll it will probably last awhile. First hand you lose go back to your original bet. Trust me on what I have told you.

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