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Online Blackjack – Learn To Compete With The Best

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Online Blackjack – Learn To Compete With The Best


Online blackjack is great for new blackjack players


Many online casinos offer free blackjack games. Gamers have the chance to become happy with the table game and the rules in free online blackjack before gaming for cash.


What are the laws of free online blackjack?


Players who want the chance to play free online blackjack do not have to enter their personal details or sign up for an account at an internet casino. Free online blackjack grants players credits that they can use as bets in a game. These credits are complimentary and gamers do not have to pay for them.


Why are these free online blackjack titles beneficial?


Free online blackjack allows casino gamers the opportunity to practice their game. Gamers of table and online blackjack need to know when to stick or twist. They have to realise how the game is played and how to optimise their chances of beating the casino.These online blackjack titles give players the opportunity to enjoy blackjack without having to venture to a bricks-and-mortar casino.


Can you learn blackjack in other ways?


Asking the dealer for advice


A selection of novice players think about talking to the croupier for blackjack recommendations and counsel. A blackjack casino dealer cannot give you this counsel. In doing so, it would put into question their impartiality. Their job might be at stake. Think about the consequences for a croupier if you started winning hundreds because of their strategies.


Shadowing other blackjack players


A few gamers decide to view a game of blackjack in order to come to terms with the rules of the game. This is inadvisable. Some pro gamers do not wish to see a novice blackjack gamer standing next to them and observing their every move. If they lose this game, these players may hold you responsible interfering.


Learning blackjack by playing for prizes


The majority of new players will enter straight into a blackjack table in the desire to immediately pick up the game. But, this is the wrong way to become skilled and gamers can often sacrifice large sums if they do not understand what they are doing. Blackjack has a large learning curve and gamers should only play for money after they know what they are doing.


Online blackjack is brilliant for new casino players


Beginners will benefit from playing online blackjack. Free online blackjack allows gamers the chance to learn the game at their own pace. Land-based casinos can be overwhelming areas. Players can enjoy online blackjack in the comfort of their own bedroom without this issue.

Video posted by: Marcus Miles

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What casino has the most favorable rules for blackjack?

Friday, May 15th, 2009

What casino has the most favorable rules for blackjack?

What casino, (anywhere in the world) has the most favorable rules for Blackjack.
Please say name of casino, where it is, and why it is better than most casinos.

Question asked by: Mr. Opinionated

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Blackjack from the Casino Filipinos

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Why did they remove Blackjack from the Casino Filipinos in Manila?

jj192328 asked:
Of the four different casinos that we’ve visited in Manila, none of
them offered Blackjack. Blackjack has been replaced with Pontoon.
These casinos used to have 3-4 blackjack tables but not anymore.

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Internet Blackjack

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Online Blackjack-Become a Successful Blackjack Player Overnight!by Chris Malcolm

Online blackjack is one of the most profitable blackjack games around. It beats a blackjack casino by far. The reason being, when playing online blackjack you have the option of playing on multiple casinos at one time. That means that you can have all the blackjack bonuses that come with playing on multiple tables. You can see more blackjack hands also during that time. Winning at the blackjack table can be easy with the proper strategy. One strategy to use to start with is take advantage of all online casino bonuses. Some over 500 dollars completely free just by signing up! I have made at least $25,000 this year ALONE off of casino bonuses.

To qualify for a casino bonus you have to play a certain amount of blackjack hands depending on the amount you deposit. I usually clear every casino bonus I sign up for in the first 2 hours of play. It isn’t hard consistently beating the house with a proven blackjack strategy. At every casino you play at or any blackjack game online, the house will always have the edge if you do not use a proper strategy. The reason is the house gets to act last and you have a chance to "bust" even before the blackjack dealer gets to see another card. With the right blackjack strategy guide you can always have the upper hand against the house and put the blackjack odds in your favor. When starting out playing online blackjack for the first time, I highly recommend playing blackjack for fun. You can play at almost every single online casino that offers blackjack so you can get a feel of the game and how to consistently dominate the house. The best blackjack tips to win are to study the game as much as you can and practice on free blackjack sites.

Once you master beating the blackjack dealer consistently and start making a profit with play money chips, I then recommend nose diving right into real money situations. When playing for real money, it is easy to make a living playing blackjack online IF you have the proper tools. If you don’t have the proper tools and winning knowledge please remain at the play money used blackjack table. There is no point in jumping into a real money situation blackjack game if you simply aren’t ready. Many people make this mistake and it costs them thousands and thousands of dollars. They just give all their money to the house. That is why so many casinos are profitable because of rookie blackjack players that think they are so good just because they know the blackjack rules. It takes a WHOLE lot more than knowing the official blackjack rules to make you a successful blackjack player. Knowledge is power and without knowledge you have NOTHING. There are plenty of blackjack strategy charts you can follow to help you win, but you still need the knowledge and there is no way around that. In however you decide to play blackjack, I wish you the best of luck!

About the Author:
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