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Whats the win percentage of a good blackjack player?

Playing blackjack online and percantage my triumph was in the high 40%. What makes Pro 's mean? What do you do an average?

Posted by: TheIVJac|{al

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3 Responses to “Whats the win percentage of a good blackjack player?”

  1. Catherine B Says:

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    Well, since the house advantage is about 51%, anything better than 49% would be good.

  2. Kasey R Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    I average about 60% but I don’t consider myself a professional. People who can count card (which isn’t necisarilly cheating) could get around 80% if they’re smart (losing some hands so as not to make it obvious.)

  3. sandynlily Says:

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    The win rate per playing session can approach and is usually quite near 60% for a very proficient player.

    The win rate in terms of hands won is 44% for the most professional of players.

    Its interesting to note that even an advnatage blackjack player never wins more hands than he loses, the edge comes from getting payed 3:2, and being able to split and double down at very oportune moments.

    My actual real world session win rate for this year is 56.9% which is slightly under par, but variance is somethign you have to deal with.

    You need a very large sample of rounds played for your number to be anywhere near where it should, iv played evenings where i figured i won or lost as many as 70% of all the hands i played.

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